Searching for Beauty In the Darkest Places Part 2 OUT NOW!

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PHP SFB Pt2 1000x1000

I am proud to announce my new release “Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Part 2” is OUT NOW! 

Why I chose this album title: We all have darkness inside. And the general instinct is to keep those parts buried. Who wants to go digging up past traumas and relive those unpleasant, frightening feelings? But when you make the conscious choice to explore your shadows, to find where they come from, and to change your relationship with them, truly beautiful things can happen.

I was in a dark place when writing “Searching for Beauty Part 1” and I think the music reflects that with it’s harder edged sound and drive. I’ve been in a more positive frame of mind this past year, which has had an influence on the overall sound of Part 2. Part 1 I went into the darkness, while Part 2 is an emergence back out into the light. This is also reflected in the color choices and content of the two album covers.

“Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Part 2” is available for sale by purchasing a VIP ticket to a show on my fall tour or you can follow the Phutureprimitive link below.