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Phutureprimitive’s second full-length release “Kinetik” pushes this producers sound into new territories of emotional electronic dance music, exploring a heavier, bass-centric sound that adds raw energy to the meticulously detailed tracks this trusted producer is so well known for. Lush melodies drift across intricate rhythms, groove heavy beats and warm, fuzzy bass lines.Often exploring a dark and dense palette, this music also manages to convey a sense of tranquility and beauty, engaging the listener into a full on kinetic experience.Not only does this album has massive dance floor appeal; Rain’s energetic presence on stage is not to be missed.

“Kinetik is a multi-dimensional board game stocked with game pieces forged from fractals and dice shaped like heavenly bodies”
~ 507 Projex

“The entire album has this increcible surround-sound quality, where it feels like the music is all around you. It takes control of your mind and body.”
~ Crayonbeats

The “Luminous” EP in 2010; exploring a lyrical based production, supported by undulating synth work and a palpable haunting texture throughout. Vocals by Alyssa Palmer & Rain.

“Rain Shines Once again…like digital truffles in the enchanted forest, music like this is hard to find.”
~ Simon Posford (Shpongle)

“So excited about these fresh and exotic grooves from Phutureprimitive. The classic low end tectonics that I know and love presented in a pristine and futuristic space. Solid work!”
~ Evan Bluetech

A cinematic journey through ‘Sub Conscious’ sound. Deep swirls of rhythm meet textures and melodies from another dimension. The Phutureprimitive sound is subterranean electronic tribalism, combining elements of organic downtempo, ethnic breaks, and sensual atmospherics. Ethereal vocals soar over dubbed-out basslines, and live percussion unfolds over odd time signatures creating a groove that is influenced by the synthetic textures of electronica as well as the kinetic grooves of world music.

“This disc evokes images of being lost in a steamy jungle in the middle of the night, with unseen beasts and cannibals lurking in the darkness. Dense, beautiful, organic, with a wonderfully dark and sinister undercurrent. An excellent first album, with paralyzingly deep basslines and a great atmosphere throughout”
~ Fan Reviews from

“I was COMPLETELY blown away … it is absolutely phenomenal … I love my CD collection and saying I have a favorite is not an easy thing. However, this CD is one of the best CDs I have ever listened. Honestly. You have to hear it to believe it.”
~ Fan Reviews from